Vewlix custom IO

Vewlix custom IO

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Recommend: 1P & 2P harness for select, PS and TP
Optional: C connector harness for Coin & Service and test
Optional: Pandora's box harness

BOARD comes with 1P & 2P harness for select, PS and TP.

Vewlix & Chewlix Custom IO

This IO simplifies complicated wiring. (Compatible with any board with same footprint). Simply plug the board to the IO and you’re done.

Credit goes to Arthrimus for the original design. I added my taste to make things more configurable. IO runs off 5 volts from brook fighting board.

Here is the combination that emulates the various buttons.

Button combo:

Share: P1 + P2 + Start

Touchpad: P1 + P2 + P3 + Start

PS: P2 + P3 + Start

Coin counter: Not implemented.

Buttons that are hard mapped:

Only 1P side

Coin: Share button

Test: L3

Service: R3 

See Q&A below for additional info.


Question: My mame setup is Coin is R3 and test is share. What do I do?

Answer: The board is designed to put in account users will have various setup of their own. Custom C harness is designed to ease up this scenario.

Question: How do I enable/disable button emulation?

To enable, simply put the jumper to short two pins. If you want to disable it, just remove the jumper.

Question: I have a Chewlix. How do I use this?

Yes. I designed the board so a Pandora’s box harness can be used to wire things. Board is powered by brook fighting board so no additional wiring is needed.

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