About me

In 2018, I wanted to buy a Japanese arcade Vewlix cabinet, but it was not easy to buy one because there was not a local distributer. As well as I had to ask for pictures and god knows if the pictures belong to the cab I was considering buying. Fortunately I received a ok condition but I never had that warm and fuzzy feeling despite I was dropping $2k on a single cabinet. Also I had mountains of concerns related to maintenance. What if the monitor dies? Where should I buy the parts? And it is even purchasable? 

Back then, some of my friends wanted an arcade cabinet, so I decided to import a 20' containers myself and started in a garage. I did not advertise much and mainly refurbished Vewlix for local folks. It was a side gig but I applied my professional experience of operating an aviation repair shop that repairs seat monitors into the business. 

One thing led to another, now I have my own warehouse, and I can also handle arcade cabinets that were not previously capable of handling due to spatial limitations. 

As the business operation expands, sales activity were becoming a burdensome. That is why I decided to launch an E-commerce platform so I can hand over some of the business activity to my partner. I also want my website to be first in search on Google. :)

I'm hopeful my business will lower the hurdle acquiring a niche Japanese arcade cabinet and fulfill your dream arcade setup.

Chris - 사장님